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We’ve taken all the best parts of working at fast-growing company, mashed that up with the advantages of working with distributed teams, added a dash of fresh air and gotten rid of all the old, tired parts of work that nobody has any use for. Because your job shouldn’t feel like a job.

Working at TeamSnap

We’re a small company (currently about 45 full and part-timers) that’s growing steadily. Some people work in our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado; while many others work remotely from all corners of the USA. We’ve got people in Portland, Raleigh/Durham, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Austin and San Diego, just to name drop some cities.

This guy could be your manager. He's not a suit.

We work by phone, Skype, Google Hangout, Slack, GitHub and email. Sometimes we fly people to the same location to work together. Mostly, we’ve gotten really good at communicating among a distributed team and giving people the flexibility to work the way they work best.

Work when and how you want to, whether that’s in your house or in a coffee shop or in a coworking space or on the beach. Work should fit into your life, not the other way around. You want to go to a movie at 11 a.m.? We strongly support that. You want to fool around on Facebook? Knock yourself out. We’re not your mom (...right?).

What’s your end of the bargain? Do great work. Work really hard. We expect you to be self-directed and able to juggle multiple balls without dropping any of them. There will be nights and weekends. Our customers don’t play from 9 to 5, so we don’t either. With great power comes great responsibility, said both Spiderman and Voltaire. Wildly exceed our expectations.

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Speaking of our Customers

We don’t just pay lip service to customer service — it’s our bread and butter. Every time a customer contacts us, a real person responds thoughtfully. Talking to customers is in our DNA, and it should be in yours, too. Whether you’re an engineer, a project manager or the CEO, you’ll spend time on first-line customer support, answering questions about how to reset passwords or get the schedule onto Google Calendar (hint: it’s the Share/Export button on the Schedule tab). Everyone in the company is empowered to talk to customers and to do whatever it takes to solve their problem. You don’t have to consult with a manager if you think the right thing to do is give someone a free month of service for being awesome.


Our Mission

This is our CEO running with the bulls in Spain. Does your CEO run with the bulls? We didn't think so.

We work every day to simplify the lives of players, coaches, parents and coordinators by taking the headache out of participating in and organizing team and group activities. TeamSnap gives families more time together and helps people get fit. It’s nice to go to work every day knowing that you’re helping to make the world a better place.


The Intangible Stuff

We look for people with big ideas and tiny egos. There are no sacred cows at TeamSnap. No matter what your “job” is, you’re welcome to suggest better ways of doing anything. Sales can suggest ways to improve the iPhone app, and server administrators can propose marketing campaigns. We’re all in this thing together and we believe that everyone has a stake in the whole company.

On the flip side, “That’s not my job” isn’t in our vocabulary. Make it your job.

We’re big on respect. That means treating each other right, saying yes to each other’s ideas and doing what you say you’re going to do. We try not to waste each other’s time — that means being on time to meetings and also not having a lot of pointless meetings in the first place.


The Company

We’re investor funded, have a revenue model that is proven to work and are actively increasing monetization. We’re building something our customers enthusiastically pay for.

Our Executive Team and Board of Directors know a thing or two about growing a company. Business school and real-world experience teach you a thing or two, and we like to think we’re in position to avoid making naïve mistakes.

This isn’t a grow-it-and-flip-it endeavor. We’re building a business for the long haul, and our goal is to be the world’s best solution for managing your team or group activity. We’re not going to burn hot and flame out.


Is This You?

TeamSnap isn’t for everyone. If you want a big company with free food in the cafeteria and complimentary massages in the break room, that’s not us (although we do offer our own set of awesome benefits). If you like bureaucracy, red tape and playing office politics, this isn’t your scene.

But if you’re looking for an opportunity to show off the very best of your skills, in an environment of trust, respect and flexibility, this might very well be the best job you ever have. We’re passionate about helping our customers spend less time organizing and more time playing. If you share this passion, let’s talk.

See above for our list of current openings. Don't see your position? Email us your resumé anyway and tell us why we must hire you.