A Podcast for Parents and Coaches of Athletes

Episode 15:
What is It Like For Girls Who Play On Boys' Sports Teams?

Lillian Jacobson is a girl who played baseball with boys…

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Episode 14:
Top-Down Leadership: The Role of the Coach in Teaching Leadership

Why do we still see rude, classless and even racist players?…

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Episode 13:
World Cup Head Injuries and the Soccer Concussion Debate

After German player Christoph Kramer took a hit to the…

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Episode 12:
The World of Adaptive Sports

Dave Wolf promises to try anything in his power to modify…

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Episode 11:
Cultivating and Coaching Young Elite Athletes
Are there early signs for parents to tell that your child…
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Episode 10:
Developing Youth Leaders in Team Sports

Young athletes need to be taught how to be a leader.…

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Episode 9:
Coaching Techniques: Coaching Youth Sports with Empathy

What makes a great coach? They are positive, supportive…

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Episode 8:
Tommy John: Why Pitchers' Elbow Injuries Are a Problem in Youth Baseball

Why are elbow injuries in youth sports on the rise? What…

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Episode 7:
Is Youth Sports Emulating Pro Sports Culture in all the Wrong Ways?

There is a clash of visions: pro sports focus on entertainment…

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Episode 6:
The Serious Problem of Concussions and Other Brain Injuries in Youth Sports

Why do girls have a higher chance for concussions than…

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Episode 5:
Keith Van Horn: What Does it Take to Become a Professional Athlete?

Can my athlete make it to the pros? Keith Van Horn, former…

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Episode 4:
Bad Sports Parenting

How can we stop bad sports parent behavior? John Engh,…

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Episode 3:
Performance Enhancing Drugs and Our Kids

Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) even in the domain…

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Episode 2:
Talent Identification vs. Talent Development in Young Athletes

Should kids specialize in one sport at an early age,…

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Episode 1:
How Can We Prevent Overuse Injuries in Youth Sports?

What should we do when an athlete is complaining of an…

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