How to Bunt Like You Mean It!

Advance a runner, score a run, or catch the defense napping

by Richard Todd, Head Coach, WebBall Baseball, as published on

Although some youth coaches hate bunting, a good bunt can be a great hitter's skill.

But you've got to know what you're doing, and build up your confidence. That takes practice.

Review the steps and try stop-action (Tai Chi) and slow-motion techniques - for the learning process only.

Start in normal batting stance.

  • Balanced on inside balls of feet.
  • Bat up.
  • Hands shoulder height, arms relaxed.
  • Same position to plate.(Don't crowd in; don't move up - you'll give it away.)


  • Turn back foot in, bring back knee forward.
  • This opens hips, brings belly button to pitcher.
  • Open front shoulder early.

Hands Movingstrong>

  • Bottom hand pulls bat forward.
  • Hold top hand back so it slides up the barrel as you rotate.
  • Angle of the bat should remain upwards.
  • Keep the bat head above the pitch.

Body Down

  • Crouch down, on a soft front knee.(Do not kneel down, just be low and flexible)
  • Get your eyes level and even with the bat head.

Catch the Pitch

  • Extend your top hand forward.
  • Keep your fingertips behind the barrel.
  • Catch the pitch with the barrel of the bat - cushion the contact to deaden the ball.

Take Control

  • Control direction of the bunt with the bottom hand (on the knob of the bat.
  • Bring bottom hand toward body to go to third.
  • Away from body to go towards first.

Bust out of the box hard

  • Even on a sacrifice, run hard.
  • The more pressure you put on them, the more likely they'll rush the play and make an error.

More advance instruction by Richard Todd and other instructors is available at

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