Throw-Ins Teaching Game

This game is a quick and effective way to teach or practice soccer throw-ins. Getting called for faulty throw-ins is a terrible way to lose possession in a soccer game so this skill is important to master.

  • Have them pair up, one ball per pair (a parent or assistant coach plays if an extra is needed)
  • Members of each pair face each other, 7-15 steps apart (depending on age). (There will be 2 lines facing each other shoulder-to-shoulder, about two steps apart).
  • Start with the balls all on one side, so the players will first be throwing the same way
  • On "Go", the players with the ball all make a throw-in to their teammate while the Coach or parents watch for distance, side spin and to be sure they are dragging the rear foot (side spin is bad because it means they are using one arm too much & the referee can give the ball to the other team if he believes one arm is used too much)
  • Encourage high throw-ins that would go over an opponent's head; not a throw-in toward the ground
  • Have each player take about 5 throws
  • The Coach selects the "winners" who he believes have done the best & is complimentary of everyone who is trying

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