Skills and Drills

Soccer: Ball Control

Cristiano Ronaldo Reverse Step-Over Soccer Trick

  This drill is provided by Skillz and Drillz and

3v1 Possession

Objectives We want to prepare our players the best way possible

Paired Endurance

OBJECTIVES     Develop the players'

Striker Combination Play 1

OBJECTIVES The session focuses on improving the anticipation and

Twin Strikers

OBJECTIVES       To create space for strikers

4 Box Dribbling with 3 Teams of 4

OBJECTIVES The aim here is to encourage your players to look for

Attacking in a 2v1

OBJECTIVES Develop the players' understanding of how to

First Touch in a Square

OBJECTIVES The focus here is on the first touch as Player B

5v2 Possession Game

OBJECTIVES This session is designed to focus on the 5 players in

Lord of the Rings

A dribbling soccer drill that's a speed race with two concentric

Musical Cones

In this ball control soccer drill, there is a new take on the old

Freeze Tag

This youth soccer drill is for developing soccer ball control

Free Dribble

To build comfort dribbling the soccer ball going forward,

Body Part Dribbling

Another ball control soccer drill with the objective of

Red Light Green Light

In this ball control soccer drill, all players have a soccer


The objective of this ball control soccer drill is to develop the

Knee Tag Drill

The goal of this ball control soccer drill is to help players

Four Goals

In this soccer drill, players work on their passing skills,

Box Keepaway

In this soccer drill, players move the soccer ball in all

3v3 One Goal

This is an intense offensive and defensive soccer drill with lots

3v3, 4v4, 5v5 Scrimmages

This is the most basic of all small-sided soccer drills. Soccer

Traffic Jam

A warm-up ball control soccer drill for the start of each soccer

Cone Signals

This is a good warm-up soccer drill where soccer players have a

Cone Numbers

A ball control soccer dribbling drill that works with players who


This soccer passing and dribbling drill pits two equal number

Snatch The Ball

The purpose of this passing soccer drill is to prevent your

Swim Lanes

Great for 1v1 soccer skills on both sides of the soccer ball.

Building the Pyramids

In this soccer drill, players work on their soccer dribbling

The Doubles Bracket Game

In many parts of the world, this soccer drill is called "World

Shielding the Ball

This soccer skill is key to keeping possession on defense or

Roll and Stepover

In this ball control soccer drill for more advanced players, the

Inside of Foot Control

In this ball control soccer drill, you'll find probably the

Jonathan Bornstein: Clearing With the Head

This is an important defensive soccer skill to master. Some

Chest Trapping

A valuable ball control soccer skill in controlling possession.

Aggressive Decision Making with Brandi Chastain

A fun, offensive-oriented soccer drill for short fields that

Numbers Drill

A dribbling and ball control soccer drill that reinforces the

Eyes Up Drill with Brandi Chastain

In this soccer drill, soccer star Brandi Chastain demonstrates

Tail Tag Drill

This classic soccer drill that's like the game of tag

The Spin Turn

In teaching this ball control soccer skill, Brandi's

Two Steps

This is a very useful soccer drill as part of a warm up or just

Snap Shot

In this attacking soccer drill, time favors the defense, so

Shooting Gallery

Accurate soccer shooting skills takes regular practice through

The Numbers Game

This is a very versatile soccer drill that can be used to coach a

Man Marking

This ball control soccer drill forces players to constantly be

The Escalator

A simple ball control soccer drill that gradually increases the

End to End

Most ball control soccer errors occur in a game when players are

Dribble Across A Square

This soccer drill works works on control dribbling, speed

Dribble Around Cone and Pass Relay Race

A soccer drill that stresses aggressive receiving, turning,

Driving School

This is a ball control soccer drill that teaches many basic

Tick Tock

A fun ball control soccer drill that teaches fast feet

Monster Invasion

A good soccer drill for soccer dribbling skills and

Teaching Basic Foot Skills

Get back to soccer dribbling basics with these soccer foot

Dribbling Under Pressure

The more you practice soccer dribbling skills and moving

Intermediate Foot Skills

A high-end soccer drill for Intermediate and Advanced ball

Hit the Coach

This is a fun drill for beginner soccer players that you

Go Score!

The very first soccer skill taught to youth soccer

The Foot Workout

In this ball control soccer drill video, you can see how

Basic Moves and Foot Skills Workout

A high-energy, upbeat ball control soccer drill & workout for

All Change

A fun attacking soccer drill that incorporates many of the

Technical Ball-Work: Attacking and Moving

This soccer attacking and ball control drill will improve soccer

Dribbling Through Pirates

A fun soccer ball control drill for younger players learning to

Change of Direction Dribble and Shoot

A technical soccer drill for offensive soccer players. Teaches

4+2 vs 2+4 Drill

Two soccer teams are divided into a small-sided scrimmage soccer

4v4 with Three Groups

This is a half-field attacking soccer drill using small subsets

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