Fundamentals of Catching the Ball

Pat Ahearne, former NCAA College World Series Championship

Quick Catch

Good drills for catchers looking to increase hand speed and

Catching Pop and Dive Drill

A great drill for catchers looking to improve reaction time and

Catching Stance

Balance is key behind the plate. A girls' softball catcher

Catcher’s Block Drill

Catchers must learn to effectively knock down errant pitches.

Josh Bard: Catching a Pop-Up

Red Sox catcher Josh Bard talks about the proper technique for

Josh Bard: The Keys to Catching

Red Sox catcher Josh Bard shares his keys to catching and what to

Shadow Blocking Blocking Drill- (No ball)

Coach stands behind the catcher. Catcher assumes their stance.

Catch/Block/Fake Drill

Catcher gets in blocking/throwing stance. Standing 30 feet away,

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