Softball Fielding: The Scarecrow Drill

Legendary coach Judi Garman explains the scarecrow drill. Great

Baseball Conditioning: Reaction Wall Drill

Work on reaction speed in this drill, perfect for any baseball

Grounder Switch Up - Derek Jeter

This is a fun baseball drill for your infielders.  Derek

Reading the Hop - Derek Jeter

Reading the hop is an important baseball skill for every

Backhand and Throw Drill

In this baseball drill, Derek Jeter stresses the importance of a

Side-To-Side Defense

<p>In this baseball drill, Derek Jeter talks about the

Shortstop Ready Position

Derek Jeter focuses on the fundamentals of baseball skills and

Drop Step Drill

In this youth softball drill, Olympic Gold Medalist, Jennie

Throwing on the Run

In this youth softball drill, Jennie Finch, warms up the girls

Infield Crossfire Drill

In this youth softball drill, Jennie Finch runs the girls through

Catching on the Run

In this youth softball drill, Jennie Finch, has youth softball

How to Improve Acceleration

How to Improve Acceleration

How to Improve Softball Footwork

How to Improve Softball Footwork

Over The Shoulder Catch

Over The Shoulder Catch

Teaching the Relay

Before putting your team through this drill explain: What a

Ball First

This softball drill is basically to get the girls focused on

The Triangle Drill

Split your fielders up into 3 even groups and put them at the

Down the Line, Up the Valley

Purpose: This drill for the outfield defense is to have

Shoot the Gap

Purpose: To practice getting behind a hit ball in the ideal

Outfield Loop

Purpose: This softball drill is to field an assortment of batted

Decision Drill

Purpose: A drill for the fastpitch softball defense which

Sun Balls

Purpose: To learn to catch a fly ball for the outfield defense

Bump Out

Purpose: A softball drill for the fastpitch softball defense

Fence Drill

Purpose: To learn to play the fence, which is very important for

Diamond Drill

Purpose: To help fielders improve lateral movement. This drill

Turning the Double Play

Purpose: To have the softball infield turn double plays as in a

Controlled Fungo

Purpose: To create game-like defensive situation and to work on

Basics of Catching Flyballs

Learn the basics of catching flyballs and some great ways to help

Basics of Fielding Groundballs

Learn the basics of fielding groundballs and some great ways to

1st Base Footwork

Learn how to help your 1st baseman improve her footwork around

Four Star Drill

Throwing and catching are two of the most important skills for a

Three Flies In

Divide the team into two relatively equal teams: One starts as

Loop Drill

A great drill to practice basic Infield skills: fielding,

Butterfly Relay Drill

Divide your players into two equal groups. Each group will "run"

Bunt Defense Drill

This drill provides many repetitions of players fielding a bunt

Triple Infield Drill

This objective of this drill is to practice plays which will

Box Throw Drill

The objective of the drill is to practice throwing, catching and

Infield Throwing Drill #2

This drill is set up with four fielders, a pitcher and catcher in

Speed Throw

Divide the team into groups of two. If an uneven number of

Infield Throwing Drill

This drill is set up with the C at home, the 3B and 1B at their

Criss-Cross Drill

Divide players into two teams ... X and Y. Team X competes

Alligator Scarecrow Drill

A youth softball player can learn introductory fielding and

Fielding Fly Balls

A girls' softball coach breaks down how to catch a fly ball.

Timed Release Competition

Objective: Work on outfielders catching the ball in a good

Two Ball Drill

Objective: Add-on to the Blind Drill to make the drill tougher.

Blind Drill

Objective: Develop the skill of picking up the ball in flight,

Relay Competition

Objective: Work on hitting the cut off properly while making the

Bounce Throw Competition

Objective: Work on getting your outfielders to throw the ball to

My Own Fly Ball

Here's one you can incorporate right into your daily throwing

4 Corners - Variations

Split up your team evenly among the bases (home, 1st, 2nd, 3rd).

How Many Bounces?

This is another fielding drill. It's a simple drill many

USA Throw-Around

"One of my favorite practice drills I actually took from (USA

Ground Ball Repetition

"My favorite practice drill....well it's not really a drill

Simple Ball Toss

"My favorite practice drill is actually holding a softball in the

Find the Four Seams (Fielding)

Improve your throw by gripping the ball across the four seams.

Charging Grounders

Infielders must learn to charge ground balls rather than wait for

Catching Fly Balls

It's important for youth baseball players to learn good

Ryan Church: Getting Ready for the Next Game

No matter how high or how low you feel after the last game, the

Ryan Church: Tips for Playing the Outfield

New York Mets outfielder Ryan Church offers up some helpful

Around the World

Purpose: The main purpose of this drill is to work on the throws

Communication on the Field

A key to getting teammates on the same page and more comfortable

Houston Drill

Former MLB second baseman Harold Reynolds explains a great drill

Bunt Loops

The purpose of this drill is to perfect your infielders'

Bare Hands

The best way to practice catching with two hands and working on

Quick Picks

Short hops don't happen only after the crack of the bat.

Short Hops

Practice all kinds of short hops: Straight-on, backhand, glove

30 Second Drill

A GREAT DRILL! It creates competition. It teaches quick hands. It

Outfield Fly Ball Mechanics

1. READY POSITION Similar to the infielders, all outfielders

Outfield Ground Ball Technique

Field the ball outside your glove-side foot Look ball into

Outfield Ground Ball Mechanics

There are two types of ground balls that outfielders will field.

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