How I Hit An Inside Pitch - Derek Jeter

<p>In this youth baseball lesson, Derek Jeter explains his

How to Increase Batting Power

How to Increase Batting Power 

How to Generate More Bat Speed

How to Generate More Bat Speed

Target Hitting

Purpose: This drill is for softball hitting. It's main purpose is

Rise Ball Pitch

Purpose: To practice hitting a rise ball for softball hitting.

Weight-Shift Drill

Purpose: To develop proper stride technique for softball hitting

Runner on Second

Purpose: To learn how to advance a runner to third base when

Soft-Toss Drill

Purpose: To learn how to trigger, strike, and swing when softball

5 Tips on Softball Hitting Techniques

Softball hitting is one of the most, if the not the most,

The Hard Slap

Learning to hard slap will give hitters the ability to make the

Key Positions

A key for getting coaches and players communicating about hitting

Pizza Toss

Watch a great drill to help your players improve their swing

The Swing Basics

Learn the basics of the softball swing to help make all your

One Knee Swing

While sitting on the back knee and taking cuts, we isolate the

Short Arming

A good way to identfy and correct the problem of a batter not

Soft Toss Drill

With a coach of teammate tossing whiffle balls or softballs from

Tempo Swings

This drill begins with a batter taking easy, relaxed swings,

Rising Lid Drill

A great, but challenging drill for a hitter's hand-eye

Hip Isolation

This drill is designed to help hitters learn to use the middle

Fixing the Overstride

With some PVC piping or any long stick, you can help correct this

Fixing an Incorrect Stride

A common mistake that hitters make is striding out or back during

Frisbee/Lid Drill

"Pitcher" stands about 15 feet away from the batter and throws a

Quick Toss for Bat Speed

This is just like regular soft toss where a coach or another

25 Strong Swings

This is something that can be done while players are waiting for

Colored Ball Drill

Mark balls with three different colors (dots the size of a penny

Numbers Game

Use a marker to write numbers (0-9) on two sides of the balls you

Eye Focusing Exercise

One simple way to speed up your focusing ability is to practice

Short-Arm Batting

"We have these little short arm bats and it just works on bat

Batting Practice “Scrimmage”

"My favorite drill is scrimmaging in order to get our batting

Merry Go Round

Goal: To warm up or work on conditioning while fielding ground

Balloon Drill

This drill will help to teach the players the right stride length

Hold your Shirt

Often time batters over extended themselves when they try to hit

Handling Pressure

No matter how big the game or how bright the spotlight, there are

Establishing a Routine Between Pitches

Patience at the plate is all about finding a routine in between

Hitting the Inside Pitch

Ryan Howard isn't afraid of the inside pitch, and you

Getting Loose At the Plate

Ryan Howard explains why they ket to getting loose at the plate

Power Hand Drill

A hitter's power comes from the bottom or pull hand. This

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