Fundamental Throwing Technique

Pat Ahearne, former NCAA College World Series Championship

Throwing on the Run

In this youth softball drill, Jennie Finch, warms up the girls

Infield Crossfire Drill

In this youth softball drill, Jennie Finch runs the girls through

Teaching the Relay

Before putting your team through this drill explain: What a

Quick Catch

Good drills for catchers looking to increase hand speed and

Four Star Drill

Throwing and catching are two of the most important skills for a

Box Throw Drill

The objective of the drill is to practice throwing, catching and

Infield Throwing Drill #2

This drill is set up with four fielders, a pitcher and catcher in

Speed Throw

Divide the team into groups of two. If an uneven number of

Infield Throwing Drill

This drill is set up with the C at home, the 3B and 1B at their

Criss-Cross Drill

Divide players into two teams ... X and Y. Team X competes

Arms-Only Throwing

Use these softball tips to teach the technique for throwing the

Proper Throwing Grip

A youth softball player should grip the ball with fingertips, not

Throwing With Balance Drill

A youth player will learn how to play softball effectively with

Relay Competition

Objective: Work on hitting the cut off properly while making the

My Own Fly Ball

Here's one you can incorporate right into your daily throwing


Extend glove hand in front & pitching arm back forming a T

Find the Four Seams (Fielding)

Improve your throw by gripping the ball across the four seams.

Keep The Elbow High

This easy-to-follow baseball drill reinforces the concept of

Check Points For A Throw

In this video, a youth baseball coach breaks down the check

How to Throw on Target with Power and Confidence

It's not as easy as it looks. by Richard Todd, Head Coach,

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