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without Registration


Centralized Scheduling

Public Website

League-Wide Messaging


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Centralized Scheduling

Public Website

League-Wide Messaging

Online Player Registration

Team Plan


$1.88 - $7.60/month

SAVE ON ANNUAL RATETiered pricing based on total # of teams

All of the Free Plan Public Website
Centralized Schedule
Team Home Page
League-Wide Roster Management
League-Wide Emails
Facebook Integration

features plus:

500MB Storage

30 Players


Payment Tracking

Online Collections


No Banner Advertising

Team Plan


$2.66 - $10.66/month

SAVE ON ANNUAL RATETiered pricing based on total # of teams

All of the Basic Plan
features plus:

2GB Storage

30 Players


Custom Domain Name

Custom Team Logo

Custom Team Colors

Custom Player Fields

Team Plan


$4.10 - $16.25/month

SAVE ON ANNUAL RATETiered pricing based on total # of teams

All of the Premium Plan
features plus:

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Players

Team Sponsorships

Unlimited Participants

Unlimited Photos & Files


Frequently Asked Questions

The league / club solution has a team component. Do I need the team component?

  • No, you certainly don't need to use the team component. In this case you will want to elect the free team plan. However, bear in mind that coaches, players, and parents love the team solution, and if coaches, players, and parents love what you are doing, your club or league will grow!

Are there any per transaction charges for TeamSnap Registration?

  • Unlike other providers, we do not charge a per transaction fee for using TeamSnap Registration. We like to keep things simple! However, you do need to pay PayPal for credit card processing costs. A PayPal business account is free to set up, but they do charge to process transactions. Users can pay either via their PayPal account or with a regular-old credit card.

Can I pay for the league and club solution for just certain times of the year?

  • Yes, you can. You will want to opt for a monthly billing plan. However, bear in mind that if you stop paying for the solution, you will lose access to the league and club functionality. Your teams will all revert to the free team plan. We will keep your league/ club data around and you can re-activate at any time.

How does billing work?

  • You need to pay for monthly and annual plans in advance of the upcoming month or year, respectively. If you wish to cancel, we will keep your TeamSnap league and club functionality active until the end of the period that you have paid for (i.e., the end of the month or year that you have paid for).

Does the solution come with a customized domain?

  • Sorry, while we do support customized domains, you need to acquire your domain from a domain registration company. Once you have your domain, we can help you use it with your TeamSnap public site.

The most intuitive and easy-to-use web application since Gmail

TeamSnap is my new favorite website. Beyond its sheer handiness, TeamSnap is the most intuitive and easy-to-use Web application since Gmail. A half-drunk lobotomized chimp could register a team. And probably play shortstop." —Margaret Lyons, TimeOut Chicago

It works on any budget

"Managing a team for co-ed, intramural or beer league sports can be a tricky thing. Tracking down team members, arranging and sharing game time and location information, and keeping track of who's paid what and who's in need of equipment or uniforms or things like that can all present quite a challenge. TeamSnap takes a lot of that trickiness out of the process, and there's a free plan, so it works on any budget."—Darrell Etherington, Web Worker Daily

You can even customize it

"Online team management software, such as TeamSnap, let you know who will and won't be at a specific game, who's bringing snack, and who's paid their registration fees. You can even customize it to keep track of uniform sizes and more!"—Emily Cohen, Youth Soccer Insider

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