Online Sports Registration
for Clubs and Leagues

TeamSnap's award-winning usability makes registration a snap for sports organizations, players and parents. Register players for the next sports season, skills camps, or any other events you offer. By integrating online sports registration with schedule and roster management, everything is in one place. Families enter data and keep it current, freeing your staff from data entry and re-keying. This online sports registration system is easy for clubs, leagues and associations to set up, and simple for players and families to use.


Save Time and Money

Eliminate paperwork and headaches.

Players register online, removing the need to distribute and collect physical documents, and dramatically reducing errors.

Simplify fee collection.

Stop handling checks and chasing down payments -- collect all the money up front
using our optional online payment feature.


Get going quickly.

It is a breeze to create your online registration forms and start registering players for a new season or an event.

Stamp out data entry and re-entry.

Have players or parents enter the data, not you. When players register, the data they enter flows into the same database used for our roster management module. No syncing required. No need to manage multiple spreadsheets and re-key data from one system to another.


Simple. Flexible. Powerful

Easy builder.

Easy form builder allows you to create an online sports registration system to capture exactly the data you need.

Flexible fee setup.

You define what fees are charged. Set up custom automatic fee adjustments and specify whether certain fees are per person or not.


Customizable forms.

You can easily modify the registration process to capture as much information as you need.

Online / offline payments.

You set whether you want to allow users to pay online, offline, or have their choice.



Have a waiver that you need parents/players to review before they sign up? No problem. Just upload a PDF or paste in text and require with a checkbox, initials or signature.


The most intuitive and easy-to-use web application since Gmail

TeamSnap is my new favorite website. Beyond its sheer handiness, TeamSnap is the most intuitive and easy-to-use Web application since Gmail. A half-drunk lobotomized chimp could register a team. And probably play shortstop." —Margaret Lyons, TimeOut Chicago

It works on any budget

"Managing a team for co-ed, intramural or beer league sports can be a tricky thing. Tracking down team members, arranging and sharing game time and location information, and keeping track of who's paid what and who's in need of equipment or uniforms or things like that can all present quite a challenge. TeamSnap takes a lot of that trickiness out of the process, and there's a free plan, so it works on any budget."—Darrell Etherington, Web Worker Daily

You can even customize it

"Online team management software, such as TeamSnap, let you know who will and won't be at a specific game, who's bringing snack, and who's paid their registration fees. You can even customize it to keep track of uniform sizes and more!"—Emily Cohen, Youth Soccer Insider

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