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The TeamSnap Youth Sports Podcast is your source for today’s most relevant youth sports topics around the world.

In her best NPR voice, host and youth sports parent Emily Cohen, along with a variety of experts, covers everything from concussion prevention to sports parenting advice. Stay up to date with the latest interviews to improve your sports parenting or coaching skills AND sound smarter at sporting events.

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Episode 15

What is It Like For Girls Who Play On Boys' Sports Teams?

Lillian Jacobson is a girl who played baseball with boys through out high school and part of college. Her story is a series of ups and downs: from little…

Episode 14

Top-Down Leadership: The Role of the Coach in Teaching Leadership

Why do we still see rude, classless and even racist players? How do we teach these young athletes about being a real leader on the field and in life?…

Episode 13

World Cup Head Injuries and the Soccer Concussion Debate

After German player Christoph Kramer took a hit to the head and fell to the ground, World Cup fans could see that something wasn’t right, yet…

Episode 12

The World of Adaptive Sports

Dave Wolf promises to try anything in his power to modify an activity so that his disabled athletes CAN DO IT. Wolf, a man with a story, is a disabled…

Episode 11

Cultivating and Coaching Young Elite Athletes

Are there early signs for parents to tell that your child will thrive at the elite level? Dr. Cindy Chang, Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician, former…

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