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TeamSnap is an online service that allows you to efficiently manage your Tee Ball team through a team website or mobile app. 7,000,000 managers, coaches, parents and players use TeamSnap to save time and reduce the headaches involved with running a sports team or group. Shouldn't you?

"I couldn't have coached without TeamSnap. I'm usually terribly disorganized. It controlled the chaos." - Chris Harrison.

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Free Tee Ball Website

With a Tee Ball Website, you'll save tons of time.

Access the tee ball team phone and email list anytime from anywhere.

See essential contact information for each player on the Tee Ball team website or TeamSnap mobile app.

Keep everyone in sync on the schedule.

Schedule and coordinate upcoming events including Tee Ball practices and games. Team members can sync the team schedule with Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar.

Effortlessly track who is coming to games and practices.

Players input whether they can make games/practices on the Tee Ball team website or their phone so you can plan accordingly.


The most intuitive and easy-to-use web application since Gmail

TeamSnap is my new favorite website. Beyond its sheer handiness, TeamSnap is the most intuitive and easy-to-use Web application since Gmail. A half-drunk lobotomized chimp could register a team. And probably play shortstop." —Margaret Lyons, TimeOut Chicago

It works on any budget

"Managing a team for co-ed, intramural or beer league sports can be a tricky thing. Tracking down team members, arranging and sharing game time and location information, and keeping track of who's paid what and who's in need of equipment or uniforms or things like that can all present quite a challenge. TeamSnap takes a lot of that trickiness out of the process, and there's a free plan, so it works on any budget."—Darrell Etherington, Web Worker Daily

You can even customize it

"Online team management software, such as TeamSnap, let you know who will and won't be at a specific game, who's bringing snack, and who's paid their registration fees. You can even customize it to keep track of uniform sizes and more!"—Emily Cohen, Youth Soccer Insider

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