Organize Your Team’s Schedule on the Web or with a Mobile App

The Scheduling feature is TeamSnap’s No. 1 feature because, really, who has time to color code their multiple kids’ team calendars with highlighters and hang it on the refrigerator door?

  • Let TeamSnap coordinate schedules on your phone and on the web.
  • Edit the date and time of the event, the expected arrival time, the opponent, the results, and even the location with a Google maps link.
  • List out your sports team schedule in order, or see it laid out in a calendar view to get the full picture.
  • Easily coordinate team events like practices, meetings, cake ball-making parties … anything. Great for planning and scheduling just about any team sport or group activity.
  • Subscribe and export your TeamSnap team schedule onto your own personal iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar and see updates instantaneously.

For more information, see TeamSnap’s Calendar Syncing feature.

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