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  • - See essential contact information for each member -
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TeamSnap helps you spend less time organizing your team or group and more time doing what you love! Plans start at the low price of free, and we even start you off with a 21-day trial!

Easily communicate last-minute schedule changes, sync calendars, collect fees, check member availability for events, assign drink and snack duties and much more.

just placholder
Hi! I've been itching to try TeamSnap for a while now and since I'm co-manager this season, I've gotten that opportunity. And I must say I am super impressed!! The features are so well-thought out that it's easy and just plain cool. Thanks and keep up the nice work!! Angie H.,
Thank you so much for this great site. My niece and nephew live in another state but your site makes me feel like I'm involved in their team! It's wonderful. This site is very well designed and user friendly. Keep up the good work! and THANK YOU! Cindy D.,
We have three children all playing at least two sports (some playing three). Managing schedules, events and responsibilities gets confusing and complicated - especially during the times when seasons overlap.  In the past we've used phone trees, email and hard-copy handouts to coordinate. This is a lot of work for the team manager and coaches. When we set up our own website it was a little better, but things still slipped through the cracks and we had to create a site for each team, each season.  I heard about TeamSnap from a friend who was playing around with the beta. It was a simple task to create a team site, so we built one. At the time softball was just around the corner, so we experimented with the league and softball teams. Tournaments, games, practices, team events, snack schedules - everything in one place. The coaches loved the Availability tab that makes it simple to see who will be at practice or games. Map links to away games and tournaments were invaluable. The ability to upload photos was a huge hit with the team and parents.  When league softball ended, we immediately created a site to manage the advanced traveling softball team. It was a snap (no pun intended) to setup another team. Plus, we had a place to organize and coordinate hotels, directions and other needed planning for travel to tournaments around the state.  Since then, we have created sites for our kids' baseball, football and basketball teams. Once the team members begin using it, they immediately recognize how simple it can be to keep track of the season. And with our busy schedules, anything that makes life simpler is a welcome addition. Ed C.,

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