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TeamSnap Releases TeamSnap Live! for Real-Time Updates for Youth Sports Games

Boulder, Colo. (March 10, 2015) — TeamSnap, used by 8 million people around the world to coordinate sports and other activities, today released TeamSnap Live!, a hallmark in-app feature that brings real-time score updates, sideline banter, play-by-plays, photo sharing, instant communication and more to the mobile device.

“TeamSnap Live! is a real shift in the way people experience and interact with the live game experience,” said Dave DuPont, TeamSnap CEO. “Results from pre-release show TeamSnap Live! will be our most popular feature to date. Customers love being able to instantly communicate breaking team news and stay updated on every play of every game.”

TeamSnap experienced a banner year in 2014, doubling its user base and strengthening its position as the most widely used team management platform in the world, according to third-party monitoring. The TeamSnap app is used millions of times per month in 195 countries, and TeamSnap Live! expands the app’s use beyond logistical capabilities like tracking game attendance or checking the location of practice. TeamSnap Live! provides coaches with an avenue for instant communication and brings live game developments to parents working late or attending another child’s event, out-of-town grandparents or those just unable to attend for any reason.

“We have lots of parents who have multiple kids playing and are stretched. Often, one parent has to go with one kid to a game while the other parent is at another game, and having TeamSnap Live! has been a great resource for parents who can follow the games even when they’re not physically there,” said Wesley Houston, a hockey team manager who uses TeamSnap. “I’m at 99 percent of the events, but on a recent Saturday, I was not able to make the game, and it was great to be able to follow along, have that live interaction and ask questions without having to wait until after the game.”

TeamSnap Live! gives coaches, team managers, parents and spectators the power to update game scores, recap plays and add color commentary in real time from their smartphones. With these team crowdsourced real-time updates, TeamSnap Live! eliminates the need for one person to take on the task of tracking the score while also expanding the information flow among team fans. Those who can’t be at the games can simply check the app to join in the action.

With TeamSnap Live!, user Jill Twetten feels like she can be in two places at once: “I have two daughters who play travel soccer, and often we’re in two different parts of the state or even different states for games. Recently, I could not attend one of my daughter’s away playoff games, but with TeamSnap Live!, it was really nice to see what was going on while it was going on. I was glued to my phone looking for messages and scores.”

TeamSnap Live! is now available through the free TeamSnap app, available in the Google Play Store and in the iTunes App Store (also available in French and Spanish). TeamSnap Live! requires the latest app versions of iOS 3.0.3 and Android 3.0.4, and some features require enabling notifications.


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