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Thunder Ranks as the Most Popular Name in Team Sports, According to TeamSnap

Thunder tops Tigers as the most used team name among TeamSnap’s 1 million registered teams

When it comes to team sports nothing tops the Thunder. TeamSnap, the leading tool for organizing and communicating every aspect of active sports life, confirmed today that Thunder is the most popular team name in sports.

Thunder ranks just ahead of Tigers and Warriors as the most popular team name according to the latest data from TeamSnap’s slate of 1 million registered teams and 11 million users around the world.

Thousands of Thunder teams can be found across all sports, including hundreds of minor league soccer, football, hockey and basketball teams.

“A name can embody the character of the team and gives the group something to identify with,” says Ken McDonald, chief growth officer at TeamSnap. “Good luck to all of the Thunder teams playing this fall. I am sure identifying with such an explosive and intimidating force of nature like Thunder will give you an immediate advantage.”

Team Thunder Stats

  • More youth soccer teams are named Thunder than any other sport.
  • Overall, close to 10,000 teams registered on TeamSnap are using Thunder as their nickname.
  • British Columbia has more teams using Thunder as its team than any other province in Canada.
  • Colorado has more teams using Thunder as its team than any other state.
  • NBA’s Oklahoma embodied the Thunder name when the team relocated to Oklahoma in 2008.

Top Five Team Names on TeamSnap

  • Thunder
  • Tigers
  • Warriors
  • Panthers
  • Wildcats

Top Weather-Related Team Names on TeamSnap

  • Thunder
  • Hurricanes/Canes
  • Storm
  • Lightning
  • Avalanche

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