Episode 41

How to Select the Right Coach for Your Young Athlete

Let's face it: no matter how great a coach might be, some just aren't good matches for their players. Your young athlete's coach might yell, might be impossible to reach, might have an agenda off the field––whatever the case may be, sometimes it's tough to find the right fit. And just as coaches choose which players get to play, shouldn't players choose their coaches?

Craig Haworth of Winning Youth Coaching joins the podcast for a lively discussion on what it means to be a youth sports coach. If you're a parent, what's the best way to find out if a coach is right for your child? If you're a young athlete, how do you decide when to work with a coach and when to find a better fit? And if you're a coach, how can you improve your skills? Spoiler: podcasts might help...

Release Date: Sep 24 2015