Episode 1

How Can We Prevent Overuse Injuries in Youth Sports?

What should we do when an athlete is complaining of an injury? Dr. Dev Mishra, a team physician for US Soccer Federation and founder of sidelinesportsdoc.com, educates us on being aware of overuse injuries in young athletes. Learn about the most common injuries, how the trend toward single sports specialization is causing problems, and what we can do in youth sports to prevent such overuse injuries.  For more information, read mentions of Dr. Mishra on the TeamSnap Blog.

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TeamSnap Podcast host, Emily Cohen, dreams of living in a world where kids can enjoy sports for the pleasure of a well-hit ball, a faster time, or a corner goal – one without helicopter parents managing their every move. As a youth sports blogger, she’s been honored to write for TeamSnap for over half a decade, and now she’s taking her wit and wisdom to the airwaves with her new podcast that tackles issues relating to youth sports.

As a Cal grad and long-time Bay Area resident, Emily Cohen knows a thing or two about sports. With two very active teenage athletes, she is well-versed in bleacher-sitting and the conduct of sports parents – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some topics close to her heart include sideline etiquette, injury prevention, and good old-fashioned sportsmanship.

When she’s not on the tennis court, at a game, or managing her kids’ teams, she’s writing snappy marketing copy for technology companies, walking her dog, or learning to play the drums.

Follow Emily’s podcasts and learn more about how to support your children in their athletic pursuits at podcast.teamsnap.com. You can also follow Emily on Twitter at @emilygcohen or email her at [email protected]

Release Date: Jul 03 2014