Backhand and Throw Drill

In this baseball drill, Derek Jeter stresses the importance of a backhand.  The backhand baseball drill helps infielders work on effective fielding techniques.  Remember, keep your baseball glove low to the ground.


What we'll do now, I'll tell you what we'll work on. We'll work on back hands, all right? You know, when you can't, because I tell you to try to get in front of it sometimes. Sometimes you're not able to get in front of it so you got to backhand it, all right? So let me see how you guys do that and then we'll talk about it all right. You're a lefty so we'll go this way. Try one more. All right. Now remember this, when you go with the backhand, remember what I was talking about before, you wanna make sure that your glove is down. Same thing when you're doing it that way. You don't wanna go to the ball and just throw it down at the last second. You want to make sure when you're over there that your glove is already down, okay. 

Release Date: Jul 19 2013

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