How to Handle Sunflower Seeds Like a Pro

Baseball Coach Pat Ahearne teaches youth baseball players how to handle sunflower seeds. A common habit of baseball players young and old, this baseball video outlines the basic sunflower seed cracking form.


Hey, this is Pat Ahearne. You're on The Way of Baseball. We're going over some skills that every ball player needs to have. Today's lesson is how to handle your sunflower seeds. I'm here with Evan. We're going to do a little practicing, a little training.

First step is, one at a time. So grab one, pop it in there. You crack it on the side, use the front teeth to work the seed out of there. Keep the seed, get rid of the shell. That's the easy part.

Next comes, take a little handful of them, put the whole handful in there. Now the trick is to hold all the seeds on one side of your mouth. You got it? Okay. And you can take one at a time and just work it like you've only got one in your mouth. So you slide one out, crack it open on the side, take the seed out. Out goes the shell. Not bad, huh?

All right. I'm Pat Ahearne. You're on The Way of Baseball.

Release Date: Jul 22 2013

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