Backpedal Into Sprint

Help your youth football player advance his or her skills on the field with the Back Pedal into Sprint drill. Great for players looking to work on their transition between back pedaling to sprinting.


Another unique and important skill for defense of athletes is the ability to quickly back pedal, and then smoothly turn 180 degrees and transition into a linear sprint. Athletes that are proficient at this skill are able to keep the action of the game in front of them as they back pedal, and then keep themselves involved in the action as it moves down the field. 

This drill begins by attaching the flexi cord to the back of the athlete and spacing the partner 10 to 12 feet behind the athlete. The athlete begins the drill by back pedaling a predetermined distance, and then snapping his hips around and transitioning into a linear sprint for the remaining marked distance. 

The partner should move with the athlete to keep constant tension on the flexi cord. The pull of the flexi cord during the back pedal, and the transition to the linear sprint, makes these motions extremely challenging.

Release Date: Jul 24 2013

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