Mario Williams: Wall Push Drill

A drill with Mario Williams that teaches how to generate power in your legs and core when rushing the passer.


Mario: The toes off, the midsection's drawn tight, and so, from there we're gonna go, boom, boom, boom. So, it's three times. Kind of like that acceleration, you know, when you're down. You're going, you're not just here, and then you kind of put it all together. And so, that's kind of what we're getting at. So the foot placement is critical. The toe, dorsiflex, make sure we come back all the way, extend the hip and with knees up, drop it hard. So we're here. Not round, just staying flat. Just like that. So, the first thing we did, so load first. Left knee's up, okay. Now, let's go through it slow. So it's, go, go one, two, three. Good, just like that. Except this is gonna stay flat and get that toe up. Let's do it full speed now. Get either legs up. Ready, go! Drive chest, go! Chest up, chest up, head up. Ready, go! Good, relax. You know what you do, get your hands on the wall. Right, right, a little bit under your shoulders, good positive angle. So let's start with a one. I want you to push your butt out, push your butt out. And all we're gonna do is a load and lift first. All right, on me guys. We're coming up with the right, the right leg. Ready, go! Toes up, and we're gonna come back down. So remember guys, your toes are staying up, your back is flat. Ready, go! Good, all right, relax. Ready, and switch! Switch! Switch! Switch! Relax, good. The third phase of this wall acceleration, so, just like Mario did, start here. Now we're just putting it all together like we're just driving fast. So, right leg will be up.

Player: So just three time?

Mario: Yeah, three times over. One, two, three. And, go! That's all right, that's all right, that's all right.

Player: That didn't count.

Mario: Put it all together, so it's boom, boom, boom, boom. Three times. 

Player: Supposed to go left up?

Mario: Left up, left up. Let's do everybody the same. Backs flat. Good, ready. Come back a little bit so your arms are right here on the wall instead of here. There you go. And, go! Go! Go! Relax, good.

Player: I mean, it's funny because that 45 degree launch that he's talking about is used to get down to the ball, it's used in a combine because that helps you out with the 40, because the first 10 yards is so crucial. Pretty much that key right there, about getting off, which is basically coming from this wall-push, is very important. Stressing my position.

Release Date: Jul 24 2013

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