Finishing the Throw: Follow-Through

Learn to maximize accuracy, consistency and create a tight spiral by utilizing proper follow-through mechanics.


The follow through is important to throwing a good pass and being accurate. The key is, throwing a football, is you want your hand to finish that way. It'd be kind of like throwing a, I guess a screw ball in baseball. A curve ball, you're going to finish with your hand that way. In a football throw, you want to throw it and your hand wants to finish that way, and that's going to result in a spiral. And you really want to avoid it coming all the way across your body. 

It's going to sometimes but your trying to discipline yourself where it almost comes through to the middle of your body and finishes that way. And that's usually going to result in a little better spiral. And I really try to finish the throw. I try to come through and finish with my right leg coming forward almost like a pitcher would coming off the mound. It kind of let's me know that I'm finishing the throw. I'm balanced. I'm following through to the target. All those things, I think will result in an accurate pass. 

There's nothing wrong when your practicing out there with your receivers on your high school field or on the playground in your back yard with sort of checking yourself after each throw. In other words, after I throw I kind of look at myself. I call it taking a picture of myself. Checking my balance. I'm seeing where I am. I'm seeing where my hand is and the more you do that the better habit you're going to create. And that way when you get out there in the game on Friday night, on Saturday morning, whenever you're playing, you're going to be more accurate as a passer because you worked real hard on developing these mechanics. 

Release Date: Jul 18 2013

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