Basic Throwing Mechanics: with Peyton Manning

Legendary football quarterback Peyton Manning teaches all the fundamentals of being a good passer.  Peyton shows how to grip the football, how to throw a spiral and how to be a consistent passer.


First thing we'll talk about is the grip. I put my fingers on the second lace and the fifth lace. So when that ball is snapped to me from the center, usually my center, Jeff Saturday, snaps it right there every time, but if it comes up different, I will find those laces right away; I try to get my hand on those two laces. I try to have a little bit of space in between the ball and my hand. You don't want to grip a ball so tight where there's no space, so you try to have a little bit of space always. 

So that's where you start and I try to keep the ball up as I'm dropping back and have it above my shoulder, and then I take the ball back, it's not like throwing a baseball where a baseball you come all the way down here. I try to come straight back and I just think about trying to let the ball just spin off my fingers as I'm throwing it, just letting that ball just spin off and rotate like that and that usually is going to result in a spiral.

Release Date: Jul 18 2013

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