Reggie Bush: Maintaining A Strong Core

NFL running back Reggie Bush explains the importance of a strong core in football. Most of the power and explosion a player generates comes from the core and training the body in this area can greatly improve your abilities


Reggie:...quarterback positioning always known as the hitters. The biggest guys, not the hitters ain't gonna come and hit you the hardest. So I would say focus more on your core or your legs. You just work on hittin', being that aggressive corner that can cover and come up and deliver that shot too. 

Man: The killer shot.

Reggie: Yeah, the killer shot, you know. Just being a good tackler too. 

Man: You mean like open field tackle?

Reggie: Exactly, yeah. Exactly, just being a good tackler. I mean, football is really all core and just legs. A lot of people think your power comes from up here. It don't. It comes from all your legs and your core. And that's something... I remember at SC, we worked out, we worked a lot on that.

Man: What's the best core workout? Or what's the one you did the most for core workout?

Reggie: Just, you can do sit-ups, whatever, but just really working on those drills, like I was talking about, and really, you know, squats. I don't know if you guys do power cleans, that's a good explosive drill. 

All the drills we did, like all the field drills we did at SC were always...have to finish five yards. You always have to sprint five yards afterwards. That just gets you entirely into finishing. You know what I mean? Finishing everything you're doing. When you sprint 5 yards, 10 yards, after every little drill you do, and just focus on that explosion, and like just finishing.

You've just got to focus on doing every little thing you can to separate yourself from that next guy. I mean your opponent, whoever it is...

Release Date: Jul 18 2013

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