Adam Carriker: Hit-And-Go Drill

The NFL's Adam Carriker drills players on pass rushing moves and proper use of the hands when attacking the quarterback.


Adam: And you don't actually have to do anything, you know. He's just going to like practice getting his hands in here, coming off, and then just tapping on this guy again. So it's just like the bag only it's on a human.

Student 1: You want like a swim or something?

Adam: Yeah, you know, after you do that, you can swim. I like the rip because a lot of time if you get up high, a guy can catch you. So come with the rip. That can be better. Set, hit! Set, hit! If you want, you can actually move around a little bit. You know, make him work a little. Set, hit! [inaudible 00:00:57]

Mike: What is that, the orangutan grab?

Student 2: That's how we do it, Mike...

Adam: All right, just do it on the right side now, like you're a right defensive end or right tackle. Set, hit! Set, hit! Does anyone like play offensive line here? 

Student 3: I do.

Adam: One of our biggest drills we do is like a one-on-one pass rush. You don't want to go full speed because we don't have pads on. But basically the offensive lineman...just like, he'd be the quarterback. Offensive lineman, just protect, try and keep them from getting the quarterback. Defensive linemen, try and get there. Set, hit! Set, hit!

Release Date: Jul 24 2013

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