Reggie Bush: Zig-Zag Football Drill

Football players on both offense and defense should work on this basic footwork drill from their first practice in Pop Warner football to their first practice in the National Football League.


This is basically, it's easy, it's a zig-zag drill. You know what I mean? It's basically just working on your cuts, your lateral movement, stuff like that. This is a drill that's universal. They use it in the league, they use it in college, they use it high school, on down. So it's really an easy drill, man. 

So I would say for each position... So you're a cornerback, so you're not going to be in a running back position, you're going to be in a cornerback stance zig-zagging, you know what I'm saying, doing your normal drill. You see where the cones are so you're just basically in your...probably I would say start here, diagonal so... Basically you're just in your stance. You're going around each cone, so you're back pedaling, you're just going around each cone. It's easy, man. So you're going through your drill. So you're going around the cone. So you got to kind of guide him, you know what I mean, to where he's going. Once you make your cut you're making your cut with him. You know what I'm saying? You're just on him all the way to that last cone. That's really it. 

Drills like that for running backs, that's what we did. You know? And we would go through, like, over bags and stuff like that. But, you know, other than that, that was the main drill that we did for cutting stuff like that. So what you guys just did.

Release Date: Jul 18 2013

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