Rudi Johnson: 5-Pressure Points for Carrying a Football

NFL Running Back Rudi Johnson stresses the importance of protecting the football.


Growing up as a youngin', the first thing they teach you is the fundamentals of football. And this is definitely one of the fundamentals of football. It's always going to be around. In order to win football games you can't have turnovers. So in order to not have turnovers you got to be able to protect the football. And this right here, they call it the five pressure points. 

Put all five hands on the ball. We call it the bear claw, and you grip the ball in the front, in the nose of the ball as tight as you can, and hold it up against your triceps, or your biceps, whichever one. Show your guns. Flex your guns, and hold the ball tight as possible. You don't want any air between the ball and your body. Always want the ball against your body at all times. And you also what to make sure you keep the ball high and tight because you've always got guys coming from your back trying to poke it out under or over. 

And that's what the defensive players are taught to do. So at all times even if you can't see your defender coming from the behind, coming from the back side or the blind side, you've always got to have the ball high and tight, and tucked very tightly up under your arm and against your body. So it's a fundamental of football. It's never going to change. It's always going to be that way as long as the game of football is around. So in order to win football games, the best way to do it is to have zero turnovers. And this fundamental technique right here is a way to create no turnovers.

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Release Date: Jul 19 2013

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