Rudi Johnson: Strip the Football Drill

This football drill is a good way to help running backs and anyone who handles the football and prevent them from committing turnovers by simulating multiple people attempting to tackle and cause a fumble.


What we're gonna do is have a couple of guys on each side. Then he's gonna go through using those pressure points. You guys are gonna grab at the ball try and get it out as he goes through. Basically like a gauntlet.

So, the goal is, don't get the ball knocked out. Because everybody knows in football, if you can't protect the football, you're not gonna get on the field. So basically, y'all just try to rip it off. If y'all get it out I'm gonna give y'all ten push ups, all right? If y'all get it. 

Yeah, that wasn't too bad.

It wasn't bad either.

You always wanna keep it air tight. 

You don't want it down here. You always want to have it inside up here. You see people running, always their guys come behind you and try to strip it. Coming from this way. See down here, it's easier for them to get it. So one of the other things, you always want to keep it close; no air in here. Keep it high and tight. Hands on the pressure points and grip the front of the ball. Grip the front of that ball as hard as you can. Flex that muscle. Flex that gun right there. Let's see what you got.

All right.

Let's go, Mike.

Who up next? 


Let's go, Lefty.

Move those feet, man.

I got it.

Ok, let them go through the drill, though. You don't grab them.

That's good for a quarterback. 

Release Date: Jul 24 2013

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