Yamon Figurs: Punt Catching Drill

NFL return man Yamon Figurs teaches how to become more comfortable catching punts.


Figurs: So, we got a punt right here to throw the ball up and all, and he'll say left or right. And you guys will catch the ball with one hand, left or right, knees bent you'll come down and catch it with one hand. He'll say left or right, then he'll say both.

So, we're just catching a punt, two hands, keep your elbows in and looking at the ball on your hands. It's all about looking at the ball because sometimes, like I get caught peaking down field like, I call it a Kodak moment. When the ball is in the air, I take a picture, get everybody's speed coming down. I'm not even on them anymore. I'm just trusting my blockers on the outside, and I'll just catch the ball and then make a move to turn the way I gotta go.

Coach: Right. Right. Right.

Figurs: Good.

Coach: Right. 

Figurs: Who gonna get the left hand?

Coach: Right. Both. Both. 

Release Date: Jul 19 2013

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