Twin Strikers





To create space for strikers to develop a goal scoring opportunity.






4 squares marked out with 9 cones 5 yards outside the penalty area. Squares are 8 yards x 8 yards.
Players A and B (midfielders) play short sharp passes to each other 4 or 5 times. When ready, Player A takes a touch to open their body and face the goal. When given this visual signal, Player C (Striker) demands the ball and moves towards Player A. Player A plays a firm pass which is directed at the path of Player C but is intended for Player D. Once the pass goes passed Player C the player spins into the path of the pass and towards Player D. Player D is positioned in the diagonally opposite box and receives and cushions a pass for Player C. Player D after cushioning the pass opens out his body facing Player C and runs backwards to receive the pass back from Player C and then shoots at the target.

Players should work on the timing of the passes and the runs to ensure that it all happens eventually with one touch.

Players should rotate roles in being midfielders and strikers to gain an understanding of the importance of each position.


Players need to work on the strength of the pass from midfield to ensure it has enough weight to go passed the first striker and into the feet of the second striker.

The first striker needs to ensure that they do not move towards the ball too early and so must look for a visual indication that the midfielder is about to release a pass.

The second striker needs to retain the length in the game and needs to remain in a diagonally opposite position from the midfielder and the first striker.

The pass from second striker to first striker needs to be cushioned so that the first striker can play it back first time.

The shot at goal needs to be on target and composed.

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Release Date: Jul 22 2013

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