4 Box Dribbling with 3 Teams of 4


The aim here is to encourage your players to look for 1v1 situations, to have the confidence to beat a player and to know when to play a pass.


You require 12 players for this conditioned game with the squad divided into 3 teams of 4, 4 players in the boxes and the others playing against each other.
The area should be 40 yds by 30 yds at least but increase according to the size and age of the players. Each box within the area should be 5 yds by 5 yds.
The coach starts the game by playing the first pass into one of the teams of 4.
The team in possession must try to create 1v1 situations and retain control of the ball. Once they complete 3 passes they can then pass into one of the boxes. When the player in the box receives the pass they have one touch to control and pass into another box.
When the other box receives the pass the player passes to the opposite team who again repeats the exercise to try and create 1v1's.
When the game has been played at a high tempo for a minimum of 3 minutes the teams rotate positions and repeat the game.


Players should aim to create space before receiving the ball then quickly secure possession before lifting their head and looking for a player to beat.
The player must make quick decisions when approaching the defender and determine if they can dribble passed the player or should they pass to a team mate.
Players must be constantly on the move and aware of their surroundings.

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Release Date: Jul 22 2013

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