Striker Combination Play 1


The session focuses on improving the anticipation and movement between strikers to create goal scoring opportunities.







4 boxes outside the penalty area measuring 15 yds X 22 yds.

2 strikers (Players C and D) have starting positions in diagonally opposite boxes with two feeder players (Players A and B) positioned around halfway. This set up should simulate the area on the pitch where the scenario would normally develop.

The drill begins with the two feeders playing short, sharp passes to each other whilst the two strikers await a visual signal. Once the feeder who will eventually pass it turns to face the strikers the striker on the side of the feeder moves into the box closest to receive the ball. At this stage the other striker should be positioned diagonally opposite.

The first striker receives the ball and dribbles at pace diagonally towards the second striker. The second striker then moves towards the first striker and arcs their run to cut across and wide of the player dribbling. The first striker then plays into the path of the second striker who shoots at the target.

The drill should be repeated until the timing of the passes and the runs are perfected and smooth.





The strikers must make their first move when the feeder is ready to play.

The feeders should play a light weight of pass to the first striker.

The first striker must collect with a first touch that moves the ball out from their feet.

The second striker then must time the run and open the body to receive the pass.

Once the second striker has received they must quickly execute an accurate shot at the target.

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Release Date: Jul 22 2013

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