Midfield Passing Star


To improve the technical ability of midfielders by encouraging short angled passes and variation of movement.


Mark out an area 25 yards by 25 yards with 4 cones, you can also use a 5th cone to mark the centre of the square but it can sometimes get in the way so remove it if possible. Position one player at positions 1, 3, 4 and 5 and 2 players at position 2.

The passing sequence starts with the Player A moving away from Player B then coming to collect a pass. Player B passes firmly into Player A who then plays a cushioned pass for Player B to pass diagonally to Player C. Player B moves into Player A's position for the next rotation of this exercise and Player A moves into Player C's position. Player C receives the pass from Player B and plays a cushioned angled pass into the path of Player D who comes off position 4 to play a diagonal pass to Player E. Player C moves into Player D's position and Player D follows the pass to take Player E's position. Player E collect the pass and runs with the ball to position 2. After Player E reaches position 2 they release the ball to Player F who starts the exercise again.


Players must be aware of the next position they should move to as the exercise is fast moving.
There are a range of different passes in this exercise which demand a different touch on the ball therefore players must be aware of what type of strength they should strike the ball with as well as the timing of the pass. Finally, players when receiving the pass should look to time the run to receive it with the timing of the pass so they can collect and pass quickly.

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Release Date: Jul 22 2013

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