5v2 Possession Game


This session is designed to focus on the 5 players in possession and encourage them to create angles to receive passes from their team mates.


The area is divided into 3 areas of 20x30, 10x30, 20x30 metres with 3 teams of 5 players.
In the diagram the blue team start with possession with the objective to gain 5 passes without the ball being intercepted or played outside the 20x30 area.
The yellow team all begin in the middle 10x30 area and are numbered 1 through 5 with numbers 1 and 2 entering the blue area to attempt to gain possession or force the ball out of play.
If the blue team reach 5 passes they should then transfer the ball to the red team who repeat the exercise with a different 2 players from the yellow team entering the red 20x30 area to gain possession.
If the yellow team win the ball or the ball goes out of play the team responsible for the mistake enters the middle area to become the defending team whilst the defending team takes their place in one of the 20x30 areas.


Weight of pass and angle of pass is critical and players must always work to be in a position to receive a pass.

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Release Date: Jul 22 2013

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