First Touch in a Square


The focus here is on the first touch as Player B receives the ball, takes a touch out from the body and releases a pass.


12 players in a box 30x30 metres with 4 players on each corner marked by a cone.
There are 2 balls in play at any one time to increase the speed of the drill however if required one ball may be removed if the players are younger or have less ability. Indeed the box can be reduced in size if required.
Player A starts by passing to Player B who must take at least one touch before releasing a pass to any of the corner groups of players. Once Player B does this they take the position of the player who passed to them.
Player A who started the sequence then moves into the box to receive the pass from the recipient of Player B's pass who in this case is Player C.
The sequence is repeated with the second ball.


The player receiving the ball must be fully aware of their surroundings before receiving.
The player receiving should be balanced and then relaxes the surface area that will control the pass quickly moving the ball out from the feet and setting up the next pass.

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Release Date: Jul 22 2013

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