Paired Endurance




Develop the players' understanding of how to attack in a 2 v 1 situation.








Players divided into two teams of 4 and stand at either end of a 20x30 box.

The defender starts with the ball and plays a long pass into either of the two attackers. Once the attackers receive the ball their objective is to cross the end of the box the defender has come from. The defender tries to either win possession or knock the ball out of play. When the play ends, the next defender in red repeats the process with the next two blue attackers in sequence. Once the blues have all had a chance to attack, the roles reverse and the session is repeated.


The emphasis is on the attackers therefore you should only focus your coaching points on the players in possession.

When the first attacker receives the ball they should look to take a good first touch of the ball by cushioning it in front of their feet. Quickly they should focus on committing the defender whilst the second attacker creates space by running wide but not ahead of the ball. Once the defender is close the first attacker must decide either to play a pass to the supporting attacker or use disguise to beat the defender and accelerate forward to the goal line. In order to prevent the defender from gaining ground the attacker can cut back across the path of the defender forcing the player to hesitate to avoid a collision.

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Release Date: Jul 22 2013

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