Drop Step Drill

In this youth softball drill, Olympic Gold Medalist, Jennie Finch, reviews the "drop step drill".  This is a great drill to teach youth players to avoid a stutter step, while remaining in motion towards the softball.


Jennie: This drill is just basic drop steps. So they have a ball and they're gonna hand the ball to the coach and they're gonna take off running back and then catch the ball over their heads. Basically just that drop step, the first couple steps are so important. You want to go straight to the ball versus any stutters that are gonna take that all away. You want to just "boom" drop step and attack the ball in the air.

Amy: So when you do it you always want to exaggerate. How many of you guys in the outfield when you go to drop step you go this way and the ball is over your head that way? You can raise your hand. That's happened, right? I'm sure it has happened to all of you. You start drop stepping I got it I got it except the ball is going this way, right? So just make sure you guys make hard drop steps. We're gonna make a straight line, so if I were to drop step I want to always almost touch shoulders with the person behind me. So we are going to drop step off the toes, pump your arms, and then last second stick your [inaudible 00:01:00] out. Most important thing to remember is do I run to first base with my hand out like this? No, right? You pump your arm, same thing in the outfield and this is good for middle infielders, corners. It is good for everyone to learn drop steps. Make sure you guys keep your arms up and a tight drop step.

Jennie: Like Amy said, so important, that arm wants to go up right away but that is a lot slower and a lot harder to get to the ball with your arm up so keep that glove in and then last minute extend to that ball. You guys ready? 

Amy: Come on pump, pump, pump. Good! Keep going! Reach! Good grab! Keep going! Keep going! Good job! Good job! Right around the base. Keep going! Keep going! Nice job! Good Job! Keep going! Keep going! Good grab! Good going!

Release Date: Jul 18 2013

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