How to Increase Batting Power


Our first technical drill to enhance batting power is to actually use a bat and throw it. It's called basically the throwing the bat drill. Now if you use a regular bat to throw it, there is two things. First, most people aren't too happy about throwing a $300 bat somewhere. It's not good for the bat. And if you use even an old bat, what happens is when you throw the bat, because of the knob right here, what happens is often it hurts the hands when you throw it. If you deliver the bat properly when you throw it, this actually creates resistance and it kind of hurts the end.

So the best piece of equipment you can use is just a good old, the upper part of a good T-ball proportion, and you just use that as a bat. And you set up and you just throw this piece of rubber as far as we can. We can toss it against a wall. We can toss it...most of the time it's better with a distance because you can see it travel.

Now, the beauty of this drill is teaching your body how to generate maximum power. And the athletes get instant feedback, especially when you have an open field. That's an easy drill to do. You grab a couple of those, or you can toss it at each other. Make sure it's safe enough to have enough distance.

But the whole idea of this drill is to set up and you have to use proper hitting mechanics to deliver the throw. Now if they either go out too early, or they open up too much, you're gonna see the bat or the piece of rubber travel at an angle. Or it will travel down or too high. You want to get maximum distance. So you cannot cheat with that drill. That's the beauty of it.

So you don't need a coach because the athletes will have to actually adjust and find the right release point which mimics exactly the best release point for hitting. It's the exact same thing. So this is one of my favorite drills, very easy drill to do. Grab two pieces here, set up and then just throw it. See? I'm going through a full extension. So it's teaching or it helps the athlete learn how to use their whole body using proper mechanics to generate the most power. So let's see an example of this drill. You want them to actually use the most power possible, throw it as hard as you can to get the greatest distance possible. That's the throwing the bat drill.

Release Date: Jul 17 2013

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