Throwing on the Run

In this youth softball drill, Jennie Finch, warms up the girls with a "throwing on the run" drill.  This is an excellent softball drill for getting players moving and fired up before practice or a game.


Our first rule that we are going to do is just practicing throwing on the run. So it's basically in a rundown situation, nice little touch on the ball and moving their feet getting it and going kind of a little pump me up for practice. And it's just practice throwing on the run, those rundowns. So after you throw it your going to tail off on the throwing side. So this is all about having a touch, you guys know when you get close to someone and they just fire it away and your like, "oh! oh!" So go ahead a little jug toss it, get rid of it as soon as you get it.

See that transfer. If you throw it at the chest or on their throwing side, that makes it that much easier to transfer and that much quicker, versus throwing it over here and then having to move all the way to get your shoulders turned, right? So hands here, boom, right out. Good, make sure you get those shoulders turned. We got to be quick. Sometimes we have girls that run first base in less than two point five seconds. That's pretty quick, right? We got to go attack the ball as fast as we can to get rid of it. 

Release Date: Jul 18 2013

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