3v1 Possession

Objectives We want to prepare our players the best way possible

Paired Endurance

OBJECTIVES     Develop the players'

Striker Combination Play 1

OBJECTIVES The session focuses on improving the anticipation and

Twin Strikers

OBJECTIVES       To create space for strikers

4 Box Dribbling with 3 Teams of 4

OBJECTIVES The aim here is to encourage your players to look for

Attacking in a 2v1

OBJECTIVES Develop the players' understanding of how to

First Touch in a Square

OBJECTIVES The focus here is on the first touch as Player B

5v2 Possession Game

OBJECTIVES This session is designed to focus on the 5 players in

Midfield Passing Star

OBJECTIVES To improve the technical ability of midfielders by

Fun Soccer Passing Drills

Expert soccer coach Andre Botelho understands how important the

Finishing the Throw: Follow-Through

Learn to maximize accuracy, consistency, and create a tight

Soccer Practice Plan #1

Players should be busy at all times. If drills keep players

Zone 2v3 + 2v3 Competition

This soccer drill creates a real-game soccer environment with

Timed 4v2 Keep-away

The objective of this attacking soccer drill is to create a

7v7 + 1 Game

This soccer drill creates a soccer game-like situation with one

3v3 Small Sided Game

This soccer drill creates a soccer game situation where players


The coach moves around the inside of a space setup with cones and

5v2 Refined Space

Your youth soccer team's success will be directly correlated

4 Corners

A triangular oriented passing soccer drill with three passers and

Four Goals

In this soccer drill, players work on their passing skills,

Box Keepaway

In this soccer drill, players move the soccer ball in all

3v3 One Goal

This is an intense offensive and defensive soccer drill with lots

3v3, 4v4, 5v5 Scrimmages

This is the most basic of all small-sided soccer drills. Soccer


A circle passing soccer drill in which players spread out around

Star Wars

This is a moving target soccer passing drill, with the goal of

Coach in the Middle

Passing is the foundation of soccer because without control of


This soccer passing and dribbling drill pits two equal number

Snatch The Ball

The purpose of this passing soccer drill is to prevent your

Building the Pyramids

In this soccer drill, players work on their soccer dribbling

Monkey in the Middle

A fun passing soccer drill that teaches younger players how to

Inside of Foot Control

In this ball control soccer drill, you'll find probably the

Aggressive Decision Making with Brandi Chastain

A fun, offensive-oriented soccer drill for short fields that

Calling for the Ball

The soccer skill of calling for the ball, as Chad Chastain

The Quads Drill

A basic principle of soccer is the need to create width in attack

Odds and Evens

A basic soccer passing drill for early learners and a good

The Escalator

A simple ball control soccer drill that gradually increases the

Empty Corner

Moving into space quickly after making a pass should become

Criss Cross

This is a simple unopposed passing soccer drill to improve

Clear the Decks

A long and short passing game soccer drill that works on control,

Brandi Chastain: Keeping Track of Your Teammates

World Cup and Olympic soccer champion Brandi Chastain discusses

Dribble Around Cone and Pass Relay Race

A soccer drill that stresses aggressive receiving, turning,

Small Sided Scrimmage Without a Goalie

Nothing beats soccer game experience like a soccer game itself.

Chips/Lofted Passes Game

An effective way to practice "lofted soccer passes with

Hit the Coach

This is a fun drill for beginner soccer players that you

All Change

A fun attacking soccer drill that incorporates many of the

4 vs 2 Passing

This passing drill emphasizes movement, passing into space,


A fun, fast-paced soccer drill or game that reinforces good,

Passing Drill #3

This is an an easy motivational drill for passing under pressure,

4+2 vs 2+4 Drill

Two soccer teams are divided into a small-sided scrimmage soccer

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