A photo of Abe Bergan - Director Of Sales

Abe Bergan - Director Of Sales

Director of Sales

Abe leads the team that brings new clubs and leagues to TeamSnap and works with them to make it easier for their organizations to communicate, operate and play.

A graduate of Colorado State University, Abe returns to his home state of Colorado after a stint in the Pacific Northwest, where he transitioned from a background in natural resources to the tech sector. Previously, he's worked in enterprise sales for software, hardware and consumer electronics, focusing on the action sports industry.

It doesn't get much sportier than Abe. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, trail running, and paddleboarding. Recently he did a 50-mile trip via paddleboard down the Green River through Utah's canyonlands. He also owns Wild-Fit, a fitness training company that is a bit like outdoor CrossFit.

When not running up and down mountains and rivers in Colorado, Abe is also an aspiring photographer who dabbles in graphic design, resulting in graphics that wind up on friends' ski helmets, motorcycles or t-shirts.

Abe lives near Boulder with his wife and trusty golden retriever, Keeva. He's the only member of the team who can rappel off the third-story balcony in our offices.