TeamSnap is the No. 1 sports team management app and software for coaches, managers and organizers.

Our tools will make you snap your fingers and do a happy dance because they are that simple to use.

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TeamSnap is an online sports team management app that takes every possible aspect of team or group organization, simplifies it and makes it available to everyone. Manage rosters, communicate news and schedules, share photos and even collect fees through TeamSnap.  Available on your computer, smartphone or tablet, plans range from the low price of free to just pennies per team member per month.

Why TeamSnap?

15 million People Use TeamSnap
and Can Tell You Why They Do:

The No. 1 reason people say they use TeamSnap is because it saves them time. We save coaches and team managers hours per week — hours they used to use organizing their team and can now use to do what they love, whether that’s coaching, sailing, dog grooming or attending classes at their local kitten juggling college.

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The Features You Need

TeamSnap’s online team management software and mobile sports apps save you time and help you efficiently manage and communicate with all your teams and groups. Everything in life should be as easy as having a team management app in your pocket. We help you sync schedules, send updates, collect fees, share photos and more, all while you’re on the go!

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We Can Manage Any Sport or Group

TeamSnap is used by hundreds of thousands of teams around the globe. Although our most popular sports are soccer and hockey, TeamSnap is used to organize dragon boat teams, swim teams, baseball teams, kickball teams and even a team of dancing Christmas elves.

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Plans & Pricing

Plans and Prices to Suit Any Team

Although our plans start at the low, low price of free, that’s for the rookie version. Most teams choose to upgrade to one of our more advanced plans, which gives them access to more features and saves them more time while still staying affordable, usually just pennies per team member per day.

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