A photo of Alan McNeely - Director of Planning & Development

Alan McNeely - Director of Planning & Development

Director of Planning and Development

Alan works with the management, engineering and product management teams to maximize the impact and effectiveness of development projects. This includes determining resourcing and scoping for key initiatives, evaluating risk and complexity, and coordinating cross-team stuff. He’s been with TeamSnap since before there was any scoping, complexity or teams.

A graduate of North Carolina State University in Computer Science, Alan has held roles related to software and technology as both a consultant and in positions at companies like NCR Corporation and Tectura.

Alan's favorite sport is orienteering, which involves racing to navigate an outdoor course using a map and compass. It's massively popular in Scandinavia but just now catching on in the United States, which makes Alan very cutting edge. He also likes doing improv and playing just about any game.

Alan is busy with two elementary school-aged daughters, Jordan and Julia. Jordan makes up the games, and Julia makes sure the score is accurate.