A photo of Allie Barnes - Operations Engineer

Allie Barnes - Operations Engineer

Operations Engineer

As an operations engineer, Allie works on the team that helps keep your team running, ensuring TeamSnap's infrastructure is slayin' it. Before joining TeamSnap, Allie was an engineer for Rackspace, working on their Red Hat OpenStack product and supporting dedicated Fortune 1000 customers. There, she earned the nickname "The Wolf," as in the line from "Pulp Fiction," "I'm Winston Wolfe. I solve problems."

Allie was born and raised in San Antonio, where she lives with her husband (Dave), two dogs (Max & Lacey), two cats (Sushi & Sashimi) and beloved Volkswagen GTI. In addition to spending time with her home zoo, Allie enjoys hand lettering, Netflixing, roadtripping and show hopping.