A photo of Annmarie Ziegler - Android Developer

Annmarie Ziegler - Android Developer

Android Developer

Annmarie's career as a dog whisperer never really got off the ground, so now she is our Android developer!

From her early years, Annmarie was destined to be a geek. At the age of 13, she begged for a computer, and spent hours glued to her Commodore 64 painstakingly typing in BASIC commands and building sprites. This is where she mastered the sophisticated development skill of "save early and save often".

Annmarie lives in New York with her husband, two children and assorted pets. When she is not shuttling her daughter to soccer or lacrosse, she spends her free time tinkering in the yard or reading. Please note: Don't take Annmarie skiing; it might be dangerous.