A photo of Ashley Cayla - Customer Support Specialist

Ashley Cayla - Customer Support Specialist

Customer Support Specialist

As a customer support specialist for TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues, Ashley helps customers successfully navigate the complexity of managing their sports organizations. Before joining TeamSnap, Ashley was an active member of growth management projects for both American and European small businesses, with wide-ranging experience in ensuring customer satisfaction during phases of rapid growth.

Ashley grew up in the mountains of Colorado, surrounded by rocks to climb and horses to ride, with parents who believed in raising well rounded athletes. She participated in sports of all shapes and sizes, from soccer and tennis to synchronized swimming and equestrian vaulting. Ashley graduated from the University of Colorado, then spent most of the past decade living and working in a rustic region of France and returned to the Colorado in 2015. She currently lives in Longmont, with her husband, two fantastic kids and family dog and lop-eared bunny.