A photo of Beth Hazen - Client Success Manager

Beth Hazen - Client Success Manager

Client Success Manager

As a client success manager, Beth makes sure our Club & League customers have all the tips, tricks and tools they need to save time and streamline the management of their organizations. Two pieces of fun TeamSnap trivia: 1. Beth's sister is also employed at TeamSnap, in our Support Department; they're automatically roomies at every company retreat. 2. Beth is the reigning TeamSnap Rock, Paper, Scissors Champ. 

Beth worked as an inside sales rep in the semiconductor industry for 10 years. After having three children, she picked up a few part-time office jobs that allowed her to spend time at home with the kiddos before she eventually joined the work-from-home culture of TeamSnap. 

Beth grew up in and still lives in Orange County, CA. In her spare time, she and her husband are on the sidelines watching the kids play soccer, hanging with the family's two dogs or killing her brain cells with reality TV. In addition to being a great account manager, Beth has the super power ability to find the best deals. Need a shopping buddy? Just ask Beth.