A photo of Drew Meacham - Designer

Drew Meacham - Designer


Drew helps keep our interface simple and easy to use, by maintaining the front-end code and visual design across TeamSnap.

Drew was a TeamSnap evangelist for years before joining the team, using our products to manage his own softball teams. Unlike many great coaches, Drew does not use sports as a platform to teach important life lessons. Instead he chooses to offer practical knowledge, like how to open a Capri Sun without a straw or peel an orange with one hand.

Growing up in Boise, ID, Drew cemented his name in the youth football record books by being the captain of a scoreless team for three seasons. Much of his technique was developed and tested playing Madden on the N64. Unfortunately rag doll physics in video games were not yet perfected, and the game simulations could not predict the degree of contortion his body would experience while attempting these techniques. His sports career ended abruptly in 2002 with a compound fracture to the femur while competing in a high school game on the infamous "smurf turf" at Boise State University.

An avid Smashball player and pier fisherman, Drew lives in San Diego, CA with his Playstation 3 and premium Netflix subscription.